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Miaderma Wart away is a medical device for the treatment of common warts on hands and feet. It contains monochloroacetic acid, a substance having a degrading action on the skin. The wart will dissolve, layer after layer. One benefit of using Wart Away is that only has to be applied once. Treatment is painless** which means the product is very suitable for children from the age of 4. Consult instructions for use before using. *Depending on the size and thickness of the wart, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment after one week. **Note: when applied correctly by an adult. Consult instructions for use before using.

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Miaderma Wart Away


1. Place the vial on a solid underground tha is able to resist the cautic fluid. 2 Open the vial by pressing down the cap and turning it anticlockwise simulaneously. Do not entirely remove the cap yet. 3. Apply Vaseline or zinc ointment to the healthy ski


Monochloroacetic acid, Purified Acid.

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Keep out of reach of small children. Use with utmost care. The fluid is corrosive. Prevent burns: Consults instructions for use before using.

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