My Elements.Magnesium300mg+B6 Eff.20tabs

My Elements.Magnesium300mg+B6 Eff.20tabs €8,70



Magnesium +B6 by myelements contains Magnesium that participates in more than 300 different biochemical processes in the human body.

The innovative and effective composition of the dietary supplement Magnesium+B6 by myelements:

Strengthens the nervous and muscular system
Contributes to muscle health and restores muscle weakness
It helps relieve cramps, headaches and period cramps especially in young women
It contributes to the absorption and utilization of calcium by the body
Boosts energy levels in the body
It is ideal for:

Athletes and athletes after intense exercise
People who are stressed and have insomnia
Women in "difficult" days

Additional Info

Nutritional Information:


Per tablet
Magnesium 300mg
Vitamin B6 5mg


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