My Elements Eff.Immun.Echinacea(Lemon)20tabs

My Elements Eff.Immun.Echinacea(Lemon)20tabs €12,10



Immuneed by myelements contains herbal ingredients which traditionally act as immune system stimulants. Expect from  preventing colds, Immuneed can help with the treatment  by reducing recovery time.


The innovative and effective combination of echinacea with elderberry and vitamins C and D3 with zinc, contained in the nutritional supplement Immuneed by myelements:


It strengthens the immune system making it less vulnerable to viruses and diseases

Helps in short recovery from flu and viruses

It enhances the absorption and utilization of iron by the body

Provides antioxidant protection from free radicals

It is suitable for:


Women and men who need a boost of the immune system

For people experiencing oxidative stress

People with flu or colds

Additional Info

Nutritional Information:


Per tablet
Vitamin C 120mg
Echinacea extract 120mg
Elderberry extract 100mg
Zinc 10mg
Vitamin D3 5μg



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