My Elements.Eff.Vit Esterc 1g(Orange)20tabs

My Elements.Eff.Vit Esterc 1g(Orange)20tabs €13,20



Ester-C by myelements contains vitamin C in the form of a salt of ascorbic acid in combination with the metabolites of vitamin C. This has the effect to be better absorbed than common vitamin C and remains in the body for 24 hours.

 This form of vitamin C contained in myelements Ester-C nutritional supplement:

 It strengthens the immune system making it less vulnerable to viruses and diseases.

It fills nutritional gaps promoting overall well-being

It helps in the short recovery from flu and viruses

It enhances the absorption and utilization of iron by the body

Boosts collagen production supporting healthy skin, hair and nails

Provides antioxidant protection from free radicals

It is ideal for:

 Malnourished adults

Women and men who need a boost of the immune system

For people experiencing oxidative stress

For smokers

For people with gastrointestinal problems (Ester-C does not have an acidic pH like vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid)

Additional Info

Nutritional Information:


Per tablet
Vitamin C 1000mg


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